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Plato, Volume 2: Ethics, Politics, Religious and the Soul

Oxford University Press (1999)

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  1. On the Source of Burnet's Construal of Apology 30b 2–4: A Correction.M. F. Burnyeat - 2005 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 125:139-142.
    The construal of Apology 30b 2–4 which in JHS 123 (2003) I attributed to John Burnet had appeared in print sixteen years before his edition of Euthyphro, Apology and Crito. I now suggest that it probably originated in the mind of J.A. Smith, who was an undergraduate contemporary of Burnet's at Balliol College, Oxford, and later Waynflete Professor of Moral and Metaphysical Philosophy. The unexpected construal, transmitted by Balliol tradition, is typical of Smith's cast of mind.
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  • Glory in Sport (and Elsewhere).Timothy Chappell - 2013 - Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement 73:99-128.
    There is a gap between what we think about ethics, and what we think we think about ethics. This gap appears when elements of our ethical reflection and our moral theories contradict each other, or otherwise come into logical tension. It also appears when something that is important in our ethical reflection is sidelined, or simply ignored, in our moral theories. The gap appears in both ways with an ethical idea that I shall label glory . This paper's exploration of (...)
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