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Akhmad Rizqon Khamami
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    Dakwah ekonomi gulen movement: Integrasi Islam Dan neoliberalisme.Akhmad Rizqon Khamami - 2018 - Epistemé: Jurnal Pengembangan Ilmu Keislaman 12 (2):311-346.
    This article examines the integration of the Gulen Movement into the neoliberal economy. In spite of the Gulen Movement currently undergoes a severe persecution under President Erdogan and charged as FETO (FethullahTerrorist Organization), Gulen’s success story in the economy is of interest for any Islamic movements to emulate. In contrast to those belong to the revivalist Islam that rejects the neo-liberal economy, Gulen does accept the neoliberal economy. He integrates neoliberalism into Islam, and vice versa. Gulenacceptance of the neo-liberal economy, (...)
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