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  1. Enhancing Language Acquisition: A Case Study of TESL Lesson Plans in an International School.Nur Amalina Mohd Sharif, Siti Maftuhah Damio & Hazrat Usman Mashwani - 2023 - Malaysian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (Mjssh) 8 (10):1-13.
    The fourth goal in Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) spells out Quality Education that demands teachers across all disciplines to teach effectively. The available literature suggests that teaching effectiveness starts from good planning, which should be evident in the documentation of lesson plans. However, when it comes to English teachers, their demanding roles that are attributed to the value-laden content, the grading of essays, the performance pressure of high-stake testing, and the requirement of culturally appropriate pedagogies (Loh & Liew, 2016)have caused (...)
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