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  1. Paul Ricoeur, Leitor de Freud: Contribuições da Psicanálise Ao Campo da Filosofia Hermenêutica / Paul Ricoeur, Reader of Freud: Contributions of Psychoanalysis to the Field of Hermeneutic Philosophy.Medeiros Jonas Torres - 2015 - Natureza Humana 17 (1):74-107.
    This work aims to spell out clear the tensions manifested by the meeting between the project of a reflexive philosophy and psychoanalysis, from a very specific event: the publication, in 1965, of the thesis De l'interprétation: essai sur Freud by Paul Ricoeur. Our question arises from the fact that psychoanalysis has introduced one of the greatest embarrassments to the philosophies of consciousness, as it established the unconscious psychic as foundation and array of subjectivity. In contrast, Paul Ricoeur strengthens its belonging (...)
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