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HUMANITY Understanding Reality and Inquiring Good

Lahore: Zaman Ali (2017)

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  1. GOVERNMENT Servant, Not Master.Zaman Ali - 2020 - Lahore: Zaman Ali.
    It’s people who gave the authority and resources to the government, for the purpose to serve them at achieving desired social life, otherwise, the government itself is nothing. The fundamental responsibility of government is to ensure our freedom, and its role of people to dictate the government and make it answerable according to their agreed demands. Claiming all power for the purpose of prosperity and justice in society is conflicting to its own cause, rather authorizing individual authority is the just (...)
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  • ZAMANISM Wealth of the People.Zaman Ali - 2019 - Lahore: Zaman Ali.
    Zamanism is about creating power and private resources for all in society by destroying bureaucratic and monopolistic control on society. The purpose of zamanism is political and economic freedom as people’s wealth consists on their power & resources so read this philosophy book to find out how to achieve wealth of the people? By Reading zamanism we will find what’s good for an individual and for society and how we can achieve individualism and collectivism together and create society for all.
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  • Book Review of Humanity Understanding Reality and Inquiring Good.Debra Smith - unknown
    Political Philosophy history is beyond centenaries and there are many books written in each time period and some of them are just the discussion of the current time and other have their impact for long after. With my interest about political philosophy I found this book humanity by” Zaman Ali” just with randomly search on internet and I found it interesting by its label as it is human philosophy and then read it.
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