About PhilArchive

PhilArchive is the largest Open Access Archive in philosophy. PhilArchive was first launched in 2009 as the PhilPapers Archive, the archive integrated into the PhilPapers bibliographic database. In 2017, we relaunched it as a separate site. PhilArchive remains integrated with PhilPapers behind the scenes: every paper added to PhilArchive is automatically added to the PhilPapers database, and every paper added to PhilPapers along with an uploaded open access copy is automatically added to PhilArchive. All philosophers are encouraged to archive their work on PhilArchive in order to increase its accesibility to the philosophical community. PhilArchive is a completely free service operated on a non-profit basis, and it will always be completely free. Viewers do not need to create an account, provide an email address, or jump through any other hoops in order to read papers archived on PhilArchive. See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on PhilArchive.

Who we are

As an offshoot of PhilPapers, PhilArchive is maintained and moderated by the same editorial team as PhilPapers:

General editors

David Bourget (University of Western Ontario)
David Chalmers (Australian National University, New York University)

Area Editors

David Bourget (University of Western Ontario): Philosophy of Mind
Gwen Bradford (Rice University): Value Theory, Miscellaneous
Berit Brogaard (University of Miami): Philosophy of Language
Margaret Cameron (University of Melbourne): Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
David Chalmers (New York University): Philosophy of Mind
James Chase (University of Tasmania): 20th Century Philosophy
Rafael De Clercq (Lingnan University): Aesthetics
Ezio Di Nucci (University of Copenhagen): Applied Ethics
Esa Diaz-Leon (Universitat de Barcelona): Philosophy of Gender, Race, and Sexuality
Barry Hallen: African/Africana Philosophy
Hans Halvorson (Princeton University, University of Copenhagen): Philosophy of Physical Science
Jonathan Ichikawa (University of British Columbia): Metaphilosophy
Michelle Kosch (Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University): 19th Century Philosophy
Øystein Linnebo (University of Oslo, Università della Svizzera Italiana): Philosophy of Mathematics
Paul Livingston (University of New Mexico): Continental Philosophy
Brandon Look (University of Kentucky): 17th/18th Century Philosophy
Manolo Martínez (Universitat de Barcelona): Philosophy of Biology
Matthew McGrath (Washington University in St. Louis): Epistemology
Michiru Nagatsu (University of Helsinki): Philosophy of Social Science
Susana Nuccetelli (St. Cloud State University): Philosophy of the Americas
Giuseppe Primiero (Università degli Studi di Milano): Philosophy of Computing and Information
Jack Alan Reynolds (Deakin University): 20th Century Philosophy
Darrell P. Rowbottom (Lingnan University): Philosophy of Probability
Aleksandra Samonek (Université Catholique de Louvain, Jagiellonian University): Logic and Philosophy of Logic
Constantine Sandis (University of Hertfordshire): Philosophy of Action
Howard Sankey (University of Melbourne): General Philosophy of Science
Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers - New Brunswick): Metaphysics
Thomas Senor (University of Arkansas, Fayetteville): Philosophy of Religion
Robin Smith (Texas A&M University): Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy
Daniel Star (Boston University): Meta-Ethics
Jussi Suikkanen (University of Birmingham): Normative Ethics
Aness Kim Webster (Durham University): Philosophy of Law

See this page for a complete list of all editors.