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Jacques Derrida's Ghost: A Conjuration

Albany: State University of New York Press (2008)

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  1. In the Company of Ghosts : Hauntology, Ethics, Digital Monsters.Line Henriksen - 2016 - Dissertation, Linköping University
    This thesis explores French philosopher Jacques Derrida’s ’hauntology’ through the lens of digital monsters and feminist theory. Hauntology – a pun on ‘ontology’ and ‘haunting’ – offers an ethics based on responsibility towards that which cannot be said to fully exist, yet has an effect on our everyday lives nonetheless. Like the figure of the ghost, such undecidable existences are neither absent nor present, here nor gone, of the past or the future. In other words: they haunt. By engaging with (...)
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  • Spectres of new media technologies: the hope for democracy in the postcolonial public sphere.Ma Diosa Labiste - unknown
    This study is an intervention in postcolonial theorising through a critique of technologies of representation. It examines the effects of technologically-mediated representation in a postcolonial condition that the Philippines has exemplified. New media technologies are mechanisms of representations that embody the logic of spectrality presented in Jacques Derrida’s later work. Spectrality, which brings doubts, ephemerality, and instability to dominant discourses and modes of representation, provides a chance for change.Spectres are effects of technologically-mediated representation that articulate the infinite demand for justice (...)
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