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Plato on utopia

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2008)

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  1. Al-Fārābī Metaphysics, and the Construction of Social Knowledge: Is Deception Warranted If It Leads to Happiness?Nicholas Andrew Oschman - unknown
    When questioning whether political deception can be ethically warranted, two competing intuitions jump to the fore. First, political deception is a fact of human life, used in the realpolitik of governance. Second, the ethical warrant of truth asserts itself as inexorably and indefatigably preferable to falsehood. Unfortunately, a cursory examination of the history of philosophy reveals a paucity of models to marry these basic intuitions. Some thinkers privilege the truth by neglecting the realpolitik, i.e., the truth is inviolate. Others focus (...)
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  • Dependence Asymmetry Between Truth and Reality.Jiamin Yu - manuscript
    The thesis aims to account for the pre-theoretic intuition of asymmetric dependence between truth and reality, namely, the intuition that truth depends on reality, but reality doesn’t depend on truth. I start by delineating a framework to answer this question: according to this framework, a proper theory of dependence asymmetry should explain why truth depends on reality (truth-reality dependence) and why reality doesn’t depend on truth (asymmetry). There are two readings of the second requirement: a strong reading and a weak (...)
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