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  1. A logical modeling of severe ignorance.Stefano Bonzio, Vincenzo Fano & Pierluigi Graziani - unknown
    In the logical context, ignorance is traditionally defined recurring to epistemic logic $S_4$ \cite{Hintikka1962}. In particular, an agent ignores a formula $\varphi$ when s/he does not know neither $\varphi$ nor its negation $\neg\varphi$: $\neg\K\varphi\land\neg\K\neg\varphi$. In other words, ignorance is essentially interpreted as ``lack of knowledge''. \textcolor{red}{This received view has - as we point out - some problems, in particular we will highlight how it does not allow to express a type of content-theoretic ignorance, i.e. an ignorance of $\varphi$ that stems (...)
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