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The Media of Relativity

Technology and Culture 56 (3):610-645 (2015)

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  1. Einstein's Bergson Problem.Jimena Canales - 2016 - In Yuval Dolev & Michael Roubach (eds.), Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science. Springer. pp. 53-72.
    Does a privileged frame of reference exist? Part of Einstein’s success consisted in eliminating Bergson’s objections to relativity theory, which were consonant with those of the most important scientists who had worked on the topic: Henri Poincaré, Hendrik Lorentz and Albert A. Michelson. In the early decades of the century, Bergson’s fame, prestige and influence surpassed that of the physicist. Once considered as one of the most renowned intellectuals of his era and an authority on the nature of time, The (...)
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