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Nietzsche and Mechanism. On the Use of History for Science

In Helmut Heit & Lisa Heller (eds.), Handbuch Nietzsche und die Wissenschaften. de Gruyter. pp. 119-137 (2014)

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  1. Ernst Mach and Friedrich Nietzsche. On the Prejudices of Scientists.Pietro Gori - 2021 - In John Preston (ed.), Interpreting Mach. Critical Essays. Cambridge, Regno Unito: pp. 123-141.
    The paper provides a thorough account of the relationship between Ernst Mach’s thought and that of an apparently more intellectually distant near-contemporary, Friedrich Nietzsche. The consistency of their views is in fact substantial, as I try to show within the paper. Despite their interests being different, both Mach and Nietzsche were concerned with the same issues about our intellectual relationship with the external world, dealing with the same questions and pursuing a common aim of eliminating worn-out philosophical conceptions. Moreover, it (...)
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  • Nietzsche’s Posthuman Political Vision.Paul O’Mahoney - 2019 - The European Legacy 25 (1):1-19.
    ABSTRACTIn repeated rejections of the reality of free will, agency, self-consciousness and moral accountability, Nietzsche espouses views consistent with “cosmic” determinism. The salient features of determinism all follow from Nietzsche’s own view of organic reality as will-to-power. His position denies also the substance of any ascription of merit or blame, hence any stable ground for the ranking of human ends or types. The crises Nietzsche forecasts, and the demands he makes on humanity, all fundamentally political, arise from this nihilistic stance. (...)
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