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Popper, the Rationality Principle and Economic Explanation

In G. K. Shaw (ed.), Economics, Culture, and Education: Essays in Honor of Mark Blaug. Edward Elgar. pp. 108-119 (1991)

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  1. Understanding the Rationality Principle in Economics as a Functional a Priori Principle.Catherine Herfeld - 2020 - Synthese 198 (Suppl 14):3329-3358.
    Since the early days of economics, the rationality principle has been a core element of economic theorizing. It is part of almost any theoretical framework that economists use to generate knowledge. Despite its central role, the principle’s epistemic status and function continue to be debated between empiricists and rationalists, and a clear winner is yet to emerge. One point of contention is that we cannot explain the principle’s special status in light of clear evidence against its empirical validity and the (...)
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  • Popper’s Ontology of Situated Human Action.Allen Oakley - 2002 - Philosophy of the Social Sciences 32 (4):455-486.
    Popper's version of situational analysis, with its focus on the logic of situations and the rationality principle, fails to provide cogent explanations of the human decisions and actions underpinning social phenomena. It so fails because where he demanded objectivism and formalism in the social sciences, his substantive arguments lost contact with the psychological and subjectivist realities of the human realm. But Popper also devised some key elements of a social ontology. It is argued that although there are crucial gaps in (...)
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  • Economic Methodology is Dead - Long Live Economic Methodology: Thirteen Theses on the New Economic Methodology.D. Wade Hands - 2001 - Journal of Economic Methodology 8 (1):49-63.
    Abstract: The literature on economic methodology has exploded during the last two decades, and yet there really hasn't been any progress on the central methodological question of twenty years ago: What are the exact methodological rules that economists should follow in order to produce legitimate scientific knowledge? In this paper I argue that the lack of progress on this narrow traditional question does not reflect negatively on the efforts of those doing research in economic methodology; rather, it is simply a (...)
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