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Epicureans and the Present Past

Phronesis 51 (4):362-387 (2006)

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  1. Epicurus on Truth and Falsehood.Alexander Bown - 2016 - Phronesis 61 (4):463–503.
    Sextus Empiricus ascribes to Epicurus a curious account of truth and falsehood, according to which these characteristics belong to things in the world about which one speaks, not to what one says about them. I propose an interpretation that takes this account seriously and explains the connection between truth and existence that the Epicureans also seem to recognise. I then examine a second Epicurean account of truth and falsehood and show how it is related to the first.
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  • Lucretius On Time and Its Perception.Pamela Zinn - 2016 - Kriterion - Journal of Philosophy 30 (2):125-151.
    This paper analyzes the ontology and epistemology of time in Lucretius’ De rerum natura. It uses the physiology of perception as well as epistemology to shed new light on the metaphysics. It presents an exegesis-based interpretation of the nature of time and of its perception, both arguing for and refining this interpretation by showing its explanatory power. The paper shows that Lucretius represents the perception of time or sensus temporis as a distinct sensory faculty, reconstructs how it emerges and operates, (...)
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