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The Mach-Zehnder Interferometer and Photon Dualism: with an Analysis of Nonlocality (2021)

SPIE 11481, Light in Nature VIII, 114810B (21 August 2020) (2020)

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  1. The Photon Exhibits Dualism, Constant Velocity and Nonlocality: What Do They Have in Common?Paul A. Klevgard - manuscript
    Two questions are explored regarding the still-mysterious photon. First, what is the relationship of the photon to space and time? Space is thought of as containing all physically real entities. That is certainly the case for rest mass objects that require space to exist. But the massless photon is oscillatory energy whose cycles require time to occur. If space is a container for rest mass entities, could time be a container for massless energy entities? Can energy even be an entity? (...)
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