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Conditions for improving serendipity encounter and attainment probability

In Quan-Hoang Vuong (ed.), A New Theory of Serendipity: Nature, Emergence and Mechanism. Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter. pp. 157-174 (2022)

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  1. A contemplation on the values of biodiversity.Minh-Hoang Nguyen - 2022 - SM3D Portal.
    The higher number of species on Earth is equivalent to the higher number of possibilities humans can take inspiration from for innovations. Many technological innovations have been successfully generated based on inspirations from wildlife species, such as parasitic wasp-inspired needles, gecko-inspired surgical glue, peacock-inspired biosensors, fiddler crab-inspired artificial vision system, etc. Or, why don’t you imagine what human societies would have been without Penicillin if Alexander Fleming had not observed the Petri dishes containing Staphylococcus bacteria and noticed something strange. Therefore, (...)
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