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Philosophia Christi 11 (2):423-436 (2009)

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  1. God’s place in the world.Matthew James Collier - 2021 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 89 (1):43-65.
    Lewisian theism is the view that both traditional theism and Lewis’s modal realism are true. On Lewisian theism, God must exist in worlds in one of the following ways: God can be said to have a counterpart in each world; God can be said to exist in each world in the way that a universal can be said to exist in worlds, i.e. through transworld identity; God can be said to be a scattered individual, with a part of God existing (...)
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  • God’s Necessity on Anselmian Theistic Genuine Modal Realism.Matthew Collier - 2019 - Sophia 58 (3):331-348.
    On Anselmian theism, God is, amongst other things, a necessary being. On genuine modal realism, possible worlds are maximal mereological sums of spatiotemporally connected individuals. I argue in this paper that AT and GMR are either incompatible or their conjunction leads to—amongst other things—modal collapse. Specifically, I argue: regardless of whether God is concrete or abstract, His necessary existence either is inconsistent with AT-GMR or it leads to, amongst other things, modal collapse for AT-GMR. I conclude the paper by contending (...)
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