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Knights, Knaves, Truth, Truthfulness, Grounding, Tethering, Aboutness, and Paradox

In Brian Rayman & Melvin Fitting (eds.), Raymond Smullyan on Self Reference. Springer Verlag (2017)

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  1. Crazy Truth-Teller–Liar Puzzles.Laith Alzboon & Benedek Nagy - 2022 - Axiomathes 32 (4):639-657.
    In this manuscript, we define and discuss a new type of logical puzzles. These puzzles are based on the simplest truth-teller and liar puzzles. Graphs are used to represent graphically the puzzles. these logical puzzles contain three types of people. Strong Truth-tellers who can say only true statements, Strong Liars who can make only false statements and Weak Crazy people who must make at least one self-contradicting statement if he/she says anything. Self-contradicting statements are related to the Liar paradox, such (...)
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