Nidus Idearum. Scilogs, XIV: SuperHyperAlgebra

BiblioPublishing (2024)
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In this fourteenth book of scilogs – one may find topics on examples where neutrosophics works and others don’t, law of included infinitely-many-middles, decision making in games and real life through neutrosophic lens, sociology by neutrosophic methods, Smarandache multispace, algebraic structures using natural class of intervals, continuous linguistic set, cyclic neutrosophic graph, graph of neutrosophic triplet group , how to convert the crisp data to neutrosophic data, n-refined neutrosophic set ranking, adjoint of a square neutrosophic matrix, neutrosophic optimization, de-neutrosophication, the n-ary soft set relationship, hypersoft set, extending the hypergroupoid to the superhypergroupoid, alternative ranking, Dezert-Smarandache Theory (DSmT), reconciliation between theoretical and market prices, extension of the MASS model by the incorporation of neutrosophic statistics and the DSmT combination rule, conditional probability of actually detecting a financial fraud, neutrosophic extension using DSmT combination rule, probabilistic information content, absolute and relative DSm conditioning rules, example of PCR5 with Zhang’s degree, PCR5 with degree of intersection, the most general form of SuperHyperAlgebra, on Crittenden and Vanden Eynden’s conjecture, use of special types of linear algebras and their generalizations, SuperMathematics, 3D-space in physics, neutrosophic physical laws, neutrosophy as a meta-philosophy, principle of interconvertibility matter-energy-information, neutrosophic philosophical interpretation, possible neutrosophic applications to Indian philosophy and religion, philosophical horizons in neutrosophy, clan capitalism, or artificial intelligence – email messages to research colleagues, or replies, notes, comments, remarks about authors, articles, or books, spontaneous ideas, and so on. Exchanging ideas with Mirela Teodorescu, Linfan Mao, Shondiin Silversmith, Mumtaz Ali, Vasantha W.B. Kandasamy, V. Lakshmana Gomathi Nayagam, Bharanidharan R., Michael Voskoglou, Said Broumi, Maissam Jdid, Sagvan Y. Musa, Mohammad Hamidi, Yaser Ahmad Alhasan, Nivetha Martin, Mohammad Khoshnevisan, Deqiang Han, Jean Dezert, Mircea Șelariu, Ștefan Vlăduțescu, Tudor Păroiu (in order of reference in the book).

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Florentin Smarandache
University of New Mexico


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