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  1. Hilmi Omar Budda’s Contribution to the History of Religions / Hi̇lmi̇ ömer budda’nin di̇nler tari̇hi̇ di̇si̇pli̇ni̇ne katkisi.Cemil Kutluturk - 2017 - Sakarya Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi 19 (36):139-167.
    Hilmi Omar Budda (1894-1952) has played a significant role in the process of institutionalization of History of Religions in Turkey. He, who was the first academician in the field of History of Religions in Turkey, lectured for many years in Dâru’l-Funûn (Ottoman University) Faculty of Divinity, which was found in 1924. Then he worked in department of Institute of Islamic Sciences, which was a branch of Istanbul University Faculty of Arts, by pursuing his same position (...)
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