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  1. Co-creation with Companies: A Means to Enhance Societal Impact of University Researchers?Kirsi Pulkkinen & Antti Hautamäki - 2019 - In Mads P. Sørensen, Lars Geschwind, Jouni Kekäle & Rómulo Pinheiro (eds.), The Responsible University: Exploring the Nordic Context and Beyond. Springer Verlag. pp. 145-172.
    In this chapter, we explore co-creation as a form of societal interaction of science. We approach co-creation as a goal-oriented form of dynamic interaction aiming at mutual benefit of all parties. As such, we exclude technology transfer and other linear societal interaction forms that follow a closed-model innovation format. We argue that focusing solely on tapping the needs of researchers and ‘pure’ science would lead to ignoring the broader context in which researchers work. An excessive focus on meeting the needs (...)
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