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  1. TOWARDS A WITTGENSTEINEAN LADDER FOR THE UNIVERSAL VIRTUAL CLASSROOM (UVC).Bernhard Heiden, Bianca Tonino-Heiden & Monika Decleva - 2020 - In Sandra Lisa Lattacher & Daniel Krainer (eds.), Proceedings of SMART LIVING FORUM 2019 - 14 November 2019, Villach, Austria. Norderstedt, Germany: BoD. pp. 71-77.
    The aim of this work is to move from the foreign dominated to the self-dominated by encouraging people to draw their own conclusions with the help of own rational consideration. Here a room as an environment that is encouraging innovation, which can be denoted as “Innovation Lab”, and making processes as can be regarded as “Smart Lab” is an essential base. The question related to this generalized self-organizational learning method investigated in our paper is how a UVC, which is a (...)
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