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In Gottlob Frege (ed.), Basic Laws of Arithmetic, Derived Using Concept-Script: Volumes I & II. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2013)

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  1. The Logical Significance of Assertion: Frege on the Essence of Logic.Walter Pedriali - 2017 - Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy 5 (8).
    Assertion plays a crucial dual role in Frege's conception of logic, a formal and a transcendental one. A recurrent complaint is that Frege's inclusion of the judgement-stroke in the Begriffsschrift is either in tension with his anti-psychologism or wholly superfluous. Assertion, the objection goes, is at best of merely psychological significance. In this paper, I defend Frege against the objection by giving reasons for recognising the central logical significance of assertion in both its formal and its transcendental role.
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