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I Eat, Therefore I Am: Disgust and the Intersection of Food and Identity

In Tyler Doggett, Anne Barnhill & Mark Budolfson (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics. Oxford University Press. pp. 637 - 657 (2018)

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  1. Identity and the Ethics of Eating Interventions.Megan A. Dean - forthcoming - Journal of Bioethical Inquiry:1-12.
    Although “you are what you eat” is a well-worn cliché, personal identity does not figure prominently in many debates about the ethics of eating interventions. This paper contributes to a growing philosophical literature theorizing the connection between eating and identity and exploring its implications for eating interventions. I explore how “identity-policing,” a key mechanism for the social constitution and maintenance of identity, applies to eating and trace its ethical implications for eating interventions. I argue that identity policing can be harmful (...)
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