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Quine's interpretation problem and the early development of possible worlds semantics

In Ondrey Majer (ed.), The Logica Yearbook 2000. Filosofia (2001)

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  1. Validity and Necessity.Roberta Ballarin - 2005 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 34 (3):275-303.
    In this paper I argue against the commonly received view that Kripke's formal Possible World Semantics (PWS) reflects the adoption of a metaphysical interpretation of the modal operators. I consider in detail Kripke's three main innovations vis-à-vis Carnap's PWS: a new view of the worlds, variable domains of quantification, and the adoption of a notion of universal validity. I argue that all these changes are driven by the natural technical development of the model theory and its related notion of validity: (...)
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  • Are Wooden Tables Necessarily Wooden?Bjørn Jespersen & Pavel Materna - 2002 - Acta Analytica 17 (1):115-150.
    This paper defendsintensional essentialism: a property (intensional entity) is not essential relative to an individual (extensional entity), but relative to other properties (or intensional entities). Consequently, an individual can have a property only accidentally, but in virtue of having that property the individual has of necessity other properties. Intensional essentialism is opposed to various aspects of the Kripkean notion of metaphysical modality, eg, varying domains, existence as a property of individuals, and its category of properties which are both empirical and (...)
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