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The Phenomenology and Predictive Processing of Time in Depression

In Dina Mendonça, Manuel Curado & Steven S. Gouveia (eds.), The Philosophy and Science of Predictive Processing. London, UK: pp. 187-207 (2020)

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  1. A Relativistic Theory of Consciousness.Nir Lahav & Zachariah A. Neemeh - 2022 - Frontiers in Psychology 12.
    In recent decades, the scientific study of consciousness has significantly increased our understanding of this elusive phenomenon. Yet, despite critical development in our understanding of the functional side of consciousness, we still lack a fundamental theory regarding its phenomenal aspect. There is an “explanatory gap” between our scientific knowledge of functional consciousness and its “subjective,” phenomenal aspects, referred to as the “hard problem” of consciousness. The phenomenal aspect of consciousness is the first-person answer to “what it’s like” question, and it (...)
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