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O Supervalorativismo e a Vagueza de Ordem Superior

In Humberto Brito (ed.), Filosofia e Literatura 1. Instituto de Filosofia da Linguagem. pp. 197-217 (2010)

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  1. Vagueza.Ricardo Santos - 2015 - CompĂȘndio Em Linha de Problemas de Filosofia AnalĂ­tica.
    Most words in natural language are vague, that is to say, they lack sharp boundaries and, hence, they have (actual or potential) borderline cases, where the word in question neither definitely applies nor definitely fails to apply. Vagueness gives rise to paradoxes, the best known of which is the sorites (concerned with how many grains of sand are needed to make a heap). Besides offering a solution to such paradoxes, a theory of vagueness should systematically describe how the truth conditions (...)
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