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In Francesco Di Iorio & Jun Hu (eds.), 能动性与社会动力学——经济学哲学与社会科学哲学论文集 (Agency and Social Dynamics: Essays in the Philosophy of Economics and the Social Sciences). Beijing: Nankai University Press. pp. 111-125 (2021)

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  1. Hitting Retributivism Where It Hurts.Nathan Hanna - 2019 - Criminal Law and Philosophy 13 (1):109-127.
    Many philosophers think that, when someone deserves something, it’s intrinsically good that she get it or there’s a non-instrumental reason to give it to her. Retributivists who try to justify punishment by appealing to claims about what people deserve typically assume this view or views that entail it. In this paper, I present evidence that many people have intuitions that are inconsistent with this view. And I argue that this poses a serious challenge to retributivist arguments that appeal to desert.
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  • Rational Action Entails Rational Desire: A Critical Review of Searle's Rationality in Action.Amy Peikoff - 2003 - Philosophical Explorations 6 (2):124 – 138.
    In this paper I contest Searle's thesis that desire-independent reasons for action - 'reasons that are binding on a rational agent, regardless of desires and dispositions in his motivational set' - are inherent in the concept of rationality. Following Searle's procedure, I first address his argument that altruistic reasons for action inhere in the concept of rationality, and then examine his argument for his more general thesis. I conclude that a viable theory of rational action would be centered, not on (...)
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