Review of: "Nano electrical memories and testing Nickel nanoparticles NI_nanoparticle Strong conductors of electric current"

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Note: NI_nanoparticle nickel nanoparticles is a strong conductor of electric current and its surface is shiny and polished. This element belongs to the group of iron and cobalt elementsUsing particles from the microscale to the nanoscale provides benefits for various scientific fields, but because a large percentage of their atoms is on the surface, nanomaterials can be highly reactive and pose risks. have a potential for humans. Nanoparticles are of great interest due to their wide application, both in industry and in the natural sciences. While natural materials have constant physical properties regardless of size, the size of a nanoparticle determines its physical and chemical properties. Therefore, the properties of a material change as its size approaches the nanoscale and the percentage of atoms on the surface of the material becomes significant. The important feature of all nano structures is that in which the number of surface atoms is more than the number of volume atoms. This ratio increases with decreasing nanoparticle size. Therefore, the size of the nanoparticle is considered its most important feature. The range of activity of nanoparticles depends on the nature and shape of the nanostructure. However, if the energy of the nanoparticle field is comparable to the energy of electromagnetic radiation and if in a certain range a wavelength with the occurrence of chemical reactions in materials Under irradiation, significant changes will be made in the activity of nanoparticles up to 100 nm in size. is the nanometer expected to be used for storage. Given the relatively large (physically speaking) storage devices we have now and the fact that we need gigabyte sizes in various areas, there is a high potential for activity in this There is a context. Each quantum dot consists of a discrete ball of several hundred atoms that can have one of two magnetic states. This allows them to contain a single bit of information (zero or one), as is customary in machine computing. In conventional hard disks, the data bits must be spaced far enough apart that they do not overlap. Quantum dots act as completely independent units that are not structurally connected, so they can become somewhat closer to each other. One of the new information storage tools is the use of nickel quantum dots in nanometer sizes, which are expected to be used to store terabytes of data.

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