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Thống kê thương vong trong thiên nhiên

Tạp Chí Kinh Tế Và Dự Báo (2023)

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  1. Meandering Sobriety.Quan-Hoang Vuong - 2023 - Hanoi, Vietnam: AISDL (Vuong & Associates).
    (The Kindle book can be ordered for $3.21 from Amazon) -/- Thinking is a fundamental activity of our species – those that give names to other creatures and call themselves humans. Textbooks tell us that there is about 1.2 kg of matter called the brain inside the human body. It sounds small but actually is proportionally the biggest among all animals on Earth. -/- I became more aware of thinking at around 5th grade upon hearing about an ancient paradox. It (...)
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  • Building eco-surplus culture among urban inhabitants as a novel strategy to improve finance for conservation in protected areas.Minh-Hoang Nguyen & Thomas E. Jones - 2022 - Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 9:426.
    The rapidly declining biosphere integrity, representing one of the core planetary boundaries, is alarming. One of the most widely accepted measures to halt the rate of biodiversity loss is to maintain and expand protected areas that are effectively managed. However, it requires substantial finance derived from nature-based tourism, specifically visitors from urban areas. Using the Bayesian Mindsponge Framework (BMF) on 535 Vietnamese urban residents, the current study examined how their biodiversity loss perceptions can affect their willingness to pay for the (...)
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