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  1. Mystical Explanation of the Relationship between the Velayat of Theological Beliefs from the Perspective of Imam Khomeini.Religious Thought, Salamallah Kazem Khani, KHosro Zafarnavaee & Abdairaza Mazaheri - 2021 - JOURNAL OF RELIGIOUS THOUGHT 21 (78):77-98.
    The most central issue in Imam Khomeini's mysticism is the velayat. The quality of this relationship is one of the important issues of mystical analysis of scholars and its re-reading and explanation can be examined in the context of an important research issue. The present article, with the aim of examining and explaining this relationship and alignment, has tried to examine the texts and knowledge in this field by descriptive-analytical method. Findings of the research indicate that among the mystics who (...)
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