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Işık Sarıhan
Central European University
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  1. Cathars: An Analysis on the Heretic Christian Religious Movement of Balkan Origin Killed By Burning In the Middle Age of Europe by Catholics.Halim IŞIK - 2019 - Mevzu - Journal of Social Sciences (2):279-321.
    Cathars, a Christian dualist-gnostic order of the Middle Ages, is not known well in our country and has some certain striking features among the religious movement in this cultural area. The Cathars were denounced as heretics due to the mentioned features, and attracted the antagonism of the Churchseverely by their irreconcilable stances in basic dogmas and practices including the perception of God, baptism, Jesus Christ, Holy Virgin, the primordial sin, the Sacred Scripture. Thus, they witnessed the greatest massacres in a (...)
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