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    The Employee’s Journey to a New Organisational Culture How Employees Experience the Acculturation Process Post-Acquisition.Anne Verrips & Lisette Schoonewelle - unknown
    Aim This thesis aims to develop a deeper understanding of how employees acculturate post-acquisition, its impact on their organisational identity. Methodology This research encompasses a qualitative case study which was developed by following an interpretative, abductive approach that allowed us to work simultaneously with theory and our empirical material. Nineteen semi-structured interviews, conducted at our case company Oaklers Group, together with observations, built the foundation of this thesis. Literature review In our literature review, we are outlining previous research on acculturation (...)
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  2. The Ethics of Knowledge Creation: Anthropological Perspectives.Lisette Josephides - 2020 - Journal of Knowledge Structures and Systems 1 (1):98-116.
    A core historical narrative about anthropological knowledge is that it is created in relations with others, with fieldwork seen as ‘a series of apprenticeships’ whose success is determined by the quality of those relations. An ethnographer connects with the conditions of those studied in ‘circulating exchange’; but on leaving the field a degree of closure is needed to formulate and communicate anthropological knowledge. These obligations and requirements in the creation of knowledge entail attachment and detachment, carrying the seeds of betrayal (...)
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