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Menachem Fisch
Tel Aviv University
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    The Making of Peacocks Treatise on Algebra: A Case of Creative Indecision.Menachem Fisch - 1999 - Archive for History of Exact Sciences 54 (2):137-179.
    A study of the making of George Peacock's highly influential, yet disturbingly split, 1830 account of algebra as an entanglement of two separate undertakings: arithmetical and symbolical or formal.
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    Faith Reason and Dialogue: Yves Gingras: Science and Religion: An Impossible Dialogue. Maiden, MA: Polity Books, July 2017, 272 Pp, $26.95 PB.Menachem Fisch - 2019 - Metascience 28 (2):229-235.
    Essay review of Y. Gingras, Science and Religion: An Impossible Dialogue, Polity Press, 2017.
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    Babbage's Two Lives.Menachem Fisch - 2014 - British Journal for the History of Science 47 (1):95-118.
    Babbage wrote two relatively detailed, yet significantly incongruous, autobiographical accounts of his pre-Cambridge and Cambridge days. He published one in 1864 and in it advertised the existence of the other, which he carefully retained in manuscript form. The aim of this paper is to chart in some detail for the first time the discrepancies between the two accounts, to compare and assess their relative credibility, and to explain their author's possible reasons for knowingly fabricating the less credible of the two.
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