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  1. Assessment of Microbiological Quality of Ready to Eat Food Served in Ships Along Warri, Koko and Port Harcourt Water Ways, Nigeria.Yusuf Babatunde Adiama, Olawale Henry Sawyerr, Opasola Afolabi Olaniyi, Alero Favour Fregene, Mubarakat Alabede & Morufu Olalekan Raimi - 2022 - Online Journal of Microbiological Research 1 (1):1-7.
    Background: Food-borne outbreaks have been associated with sourcing unsafe food. Therefore, the first preventative strategy should be to source safe food. Even if the sourced food is safe, measures need to be put in place to ensure that it remains safe during the transfer, storage, preparation and serving activities that follow. An understanding of the ship food supply and transfer chain will help to illustrate the points at which the food can become contaminated en route to the point of consumption. (...)
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