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  1. European urban (counter)terrorism's spacetimematterings: More-than-human materialisations in situationscaping times.Evelien Geerts, Katharina Karcher, Yordanka Dimcheva & Mireya Toribio Medina - 2023 - In Alice Martini & Raquel Da Silva (eds.), Contemporary Reflections on Critical Terrorism Studies. Routledge. pp. 31-52.
    Infusing contemporary critical terrorism studies (CTS) with concepts and methodologies from philosophy and critical theory via a Baradian posthumanist agential realist perspective and (counter)terrorist cases and vignettes, this chapter argues for a retheorisation of (counter)terrorism. It does so, firstly, by reconceptualising terrorism and counterterrorism as complex assemblages consisting not only of discursive-material components – an entanglement now largely accepted within CTS and critical security studies (CSS) – but also of affective layers and more-than-human phenomena. Secondly, by analysing European urban (counter)terrorist (...)
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