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Dominikus Sukristiono
Sanata Dharma University
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    Examining Interdisciplinarity: Interdisciplinary Work Is Not Always Good.Dominikus Sukristiono - 2023 - Retorik: Jurnal Ilmu Humaniora 11 (2):205-219.
    In addition to novelty and relevance, interdisciplinarity seems to be an imperative predicate in the scientific works carried out in Indonesia. Unfortunately, research on the interdisciplinarity itself, particularly from the perspective of philosophy of science, either descriptive or normative, i.e., what and how interdisciplinary has been (and should be) done is still a desideratum. Through database and normative-philosophical analysis, this article shows that most of the interdisciplinary works hitherto carried out are either additive or interpretative/take-over in nature. Such works would (...)
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  2. Functional anatomy: A taxonomic proposal.Ingvar Johansson, Barry Smith, Katherine Munn, Nikoloz Tsikolia, Kathleen Elsner, Dominikus Ernst & Dirk Siebert - 2005 - Acta Biotheoretica 53 (3):153-166.
    It is argued that medical science requires a classificatory system that (a) puts functions in the taxonomic center and (b) does justice ontologically to the difference between the processes which are the realizations of functions and the objects which are their bearers. We propose formulae for constructing such a system and describe some of its benefits. The arguments are general enough to be of interest to all the life sciences.
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