Heidegger Zum Ereignis-Denken (GA73): An Index

Verden: Kuhn von Verden (2018)
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Copyright©Daniel Fidel Ferrer, 2018. 1. Heidegger, Martin, -- 1889-1976. 2. Heidegger, Martin, -- 1889-1976 -- Concordances. 3. Heidegger, Martin, -- 1889-1976 -- Indexes. 4). Metaphysics. 5). Philosophy, German. 6). Philosophy, German – Greek influences. 7). Heidegger, Martin; -- Wörterbuch. 8). Ontology. 9). Heidegger, Martin, -- 1889-1976 -- Concordances. 10). Heidegger, Martin, 1889–1976—Homes and haunts— Germany—Todtnauberg. I. Ferrer, Daniel Fidel, 1952-. Language: English (Preface and Introduction). Language: German (Main Index). Includes bibliographical references. Cover graphics by Shawn Rodriguez. Motto At the beginning of a section in GA 97. Anmerkungen I-V (Schwarze Hefte 1942 1948), Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) quotes Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646- 1716) with the sentence (GA 97, e-text page 329, printed text page 325): "Qui me non nisi editis novit, non me novit." "He who knows me only from my publications does not know me.” Table of Contents 1). Preface and Introduction. 2). Outline of main manuscripts (in German). 3). Main Index (in German). An Index to Martin Heidegger’s (1889-1976) two printed volumes Zum Ereignis Denken; Gesamtausgabe Volumes GA 73.1 and GA 73.2 (published in October 2013 by Verlag Vittorio Klosterman). This Preface and Introduction to the Main Index are mostly written in English. Nevertheless, the Main Index is an index to a volume Gesamtausgabe GA 73.1 and 73.2 of Martin Heidegger's collected writings and that text is in German. Note: this is only an index and does not include the actual text of Zum Ereignis-Denken (GA73.1-2), because that book is protected under current copyright law. The actual printed two volume ends with page 1496 (GA 73.2). The entire book is listed under six (I to VI) main headings in the two printed volumes (Zum Ereignis-Denken (GA73.1-2). The six main headings from the table of contents are: Zu Ereignis I. Zerklüftung und ἀλήθεια Zerklüftung des Seins. Zu Ereignis II. Die Seinsfrage und das Ereignis. Zu Ereignis III. Das Da-sein. Zu Ereignis IV. Wesen des Entwurfs – Vorgehen. Zu Ereignis V. Abschied. Eine Reihe von Manuskripten zum Ereignis (1943-1945) Zu Ereignis VI. Ontologische Differenz und Unterschied

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